About Us

State of the art sound system 

Music and quality sound gives the club a unique experience. Club H20 boasts state of the art best surrounded sound system that is designed and managed by international sound engineer from Italy. H2O has two different sound systems that are for the line performance and the DJ. The sound system has a backup generator that will always keep the party going!

Centralized Air conditioned

Club H2O has centralized air equipment which gets rid of cigarette and cigar smoke. The air is clean, fresh and is constantly being monitored.  You won’t feel uncomfortable and don’t have to worry about smelling like an ashtray when you leave. Club H2O has best a centralized air conditioning system that makes the environment comfortable and moderate by considering the room temperature. How cool is that?! Our high-efficiency system provides you premium indoor comfort.

Club H2O upholds international standards and is licensed by the Ethiopian government. In Club H20 you will notice there are no trailing cables, drink spills are cleaned up right away, and you won’t find any, torn carpet. H2O provides handrails; good lightning on stairwells, free passages and walk ways, toilet facilities, ventilation, 16oc/61F room temperature.

Customer Service

Our staff is trained in first aid, fire safety and how to evacuate the building safely and efficiently in the unlikely event of an accident. Club H20 has provided adequate facility and appointed person for first aid.  The club has five emergency exits, well-placed fire extinguishers and adequate water hoses. In addition to this, all doors are open to the outside direction.

Dance Safely Through the Night

Club H20 is proud of its 130 well-trained professional staff. Many of our staff have received extensive training in:

* Customer service

* Skill-build up

* Safety, including First-aid

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