Past Events

As they said it the brand new flava in ya ear, Time for new flava in ya ear,
I' in ya ear, MICHAEL BELAYNEH a brand new flava in ya ear,..This Thursday @Club there with your dancing groove Shoe As always “we step in by the name of Love”…Word

The “Brand new day” singer is set to get up close and personal with his fans at Club H2O this Thursday, July 12, 2012. Be a part of this special intimate concert for ONLY 100 Birr. Tickets for the show go on sale starting 10:00 pm on July 12.

P.S. Strict dress code….sneakers and base ball hats are not advised....:)

Habesha is a term of pride …Fashion HABESHA is also were they keep the beauty the pride together…meet our tradition,norm + beauty at this April with our flawless, number one choice…H to the o2 club with traditional cloth fest… like kell said it ‘’step in the name of love” cause you know as we Got nuttin' but love for ya, do your thing lovely people.

On every Wednesday the night is splashing with the most fabulous local singers like Madingo Afework, Aster Kebede, Girma Tefera and other surprise invited artists. All these specials are complemented by the best band ....”RAS Band”

What a wonderful composition and glorious art.

Just come and enjoy your Wednesday night.